Kalunda Janae Hilton

Brilliantly observant, nature adoring and camera toting, Kalunda Janae Hilton is a native Miami artist whose senses are attune to the hierarchy of design, texture and structure. Inspired by myriad art forms, this multi-dimensional, multi-media’d woman of uncanny vision, has a breadth of work that spans a continuum from soft pastels, to penetrating pen and ink illustrations, to spontaneously capturing photographic images with her ever present camera. With a plethora of other innate, trans-formative talents, this artist ever strives to place her imprint upon each object she creates, so the masses at large recognize her unique talents and proficiency.

The engaging Ms. Hilton personifies the term meticulous. Her dogged tenacity follows through each phase of whichever media strikes her current fancy. She refuses to sign, seal and deliver, until her vision is impeccable. Analytic eyes that perpetually scrutinize and examine her work in depth, she settles for nothing less than flawlessness! Her stamp of approval is never adhered capriciously. Only when she feels “one with her conception,” does she proclaim her work ready to be beheld, studied and honored.

This dazzling young artist sees such splendor in Mother Nature, that a fledgling sapling, a gentle brook, or even our heavenly bodies, compel Ms. Hilton to transform their embodiments, as an integral part of her very existence. Whether she sketches, paints, constructs a collage, or photographs this inspiring object, it is ever altered into a work more glorious than the original!

Calligraphy and typography, lettering and fonts fascinate this artist. She is beguiled by the lush, tactile qualities of fabric in all of its varied usages. Fashion and interior design are areas that Kalunda’s broad reaching innovations are well suited for.

Kalunda Janae Hilton’s education at Miami International University of Art and Design paved a way for fellow students and peers to learn about how color can be utilized within a retail business plan. Ms. Hilton’s personal plan, with its attention to color coordination, was the model chosen for the class by her professor, and is held in the highest esteem. She considered Kalunda an excellent “role model”.

Upon encountering this emerging artist, one is keenly aware of her upbeat, passionate and articulate persona. Imagine encompassing these wonderful assets incorporated into the boundless world of art—this is the embodiment of what makes Kalunda Janae Hilton tick!

Written by Phyllis Michele Greenhouse