Beautiful by nature. Nature needs no filter or add ons. It was created for a specific purpose to function in a certain way, and we are to love it just as. In its natural state we can appreciate the bareness and flaws. We see the beauty in its brokenness, the strength in its stillness and the radiance in darkness.

Serene Scene

Still waters run deep. The beautiful tranquil waters clears the mind, yet takes the mind in deep thought; while bringing the mind at one with the body and soul. The serene scene is not only where you go but what you create around you…what happens when you show up?

The Breakthrough

Patience is key. Its in the waiting segment where we are developing and learning. The more we wait, we have a greater understanding and appreciation of life itself. Days, months and years go by and yet nothing happens, only patience and hope for a breakthrough is what carries us through. In the process of time, the sun will gradually break out through the clouds and shine. Never give up, trust the process, your breakthrough is near.

Lost in The Clouds

Live in and love every moment of your life. The moment can be colorful or monotone, but beyond what you see, beyond the surface there’s a purpose behind it all. As I’m lost in the clouds, I’m focused on the present moment, gazing at its beauty and the essence of it all. The past is behind, and the future is ahead and the present is Now-living and loving my Now moment as I’m lost in the clouds.